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Sarah has been a light in our life as she helped Zach and I on his speech journey. When we started with Sarah, Zach had a few words but was not able to speak in a meaningful way or request anything, he has Autism.

The thing I did not realise was that working with Sarah, would not only develop Zach’s speech but more importantly we developed his understanding. Funnily enough Zach doesn’t stop talking now. Zach tells us how he feels, the shape, size, colour, and taste of various things. He can tell us what he wants and what he doesn’t. Some of these things we never dreamed possible, at the start of the journey. I loved that Sarah set out every week what we were working on and why. We did the homework, we had amazing results.

I am so grateful to Sarah for her kind, patient but serious approach to speech. It has changed our lives, I hope that for you parents and your precious children – that it changes yours too.

Hannah, mum of Zach (aged 3).

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