Frequently Asked Questions

Speech and Language Therapy is an open referral system; you can self-refer your child at any time. Simply phone and book an appointment.  We also accept referrals if you have one.
The wait and see approach is outdated and the evidence shows the benefits of early intervention for late talkers. If your child is not meeting milestones, then seek help.

Always trust your gut. If you have any concerns, it is best to have an assessment to rule anything out.  If your child’s crèche or teacher have raised concerns, get in touch so we can discuss your options and potential needs. It can be difficult to determine if your child needs any treatment, so we would always advise consulting a professional. Research and evidence-based practice demonstrates that early intervention is crucial and reduces the impact the speech and language delay can have on your child. 

Children are very perceptive about your feelings, so be mindful of this. Also be open with your child for example: “We are going to see Sarah to play with toys and so she can hear how good you are at talking. She will help you and play games with you.” Talking about it in a positive way will reassure your child.  If your child has a favourite toy, please bring it to your appointment.  

There is no easy answer and no quick fix either.  This will depend on various factors including your child’s participation, severity of difficulties, motivation and progress with therapy tasks.  If your child has a diagnosis e.g. Down Syndrome or Autism it is likely that they will attend over a longer period of time but not necessarily weekly. Homework is provided to practice between sessions and is crucial to making progress. 

Sarah spends a lot of time planning for your child’s therapy – researching the literature for up-to-date information on best practice, creating resources, planning for the next session, liaising with the multi-disciplinary team (Paediatrician, PHN, Teachers, GPs, OT, Physio etc). 

No. We are happy to work with any other professional reports that you have already been given. They help us build a bigger picture of your child’s speech and language abilities and how much they may have progressed in the interim.


This depends on your individual policy and is worth checking in advance. You can also claim tax on the remainder of money not claimed from Revenue.
We offer a free phone consultation in the first instance.  There is no obligation to book a block of sessions, just come along for an initial appointment and decide if you would like to return. We have different prices; this can be discussed during your free phone consultation.