We Give You Peace of Mind

We are committed to providing quality evidence-based speech and language therapy services for children. The most important thing is not to panic, we will work together as a team and encourage real progress in your child’s speech and language abilities. 

Common concerns include: 

  • My child isn’t saying many words, I have noticed his / her peers talking a lot more.
  • My child’s teacher has raised some concerns about my child’s language skills.
  • I struggle to understand what my child is saying, his / her speech is unclear.
  • My child is not talking. 
  • We (the parents) are the only people who understand him / her. 
  • My child’s grammar is poor.
  • My child forgets the name of things. 
  • I feel my child’s communication skills are delayed for his her / age. 
  • My child has been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and his / her language and interaction skills are delayed. 
  • My child does not always follow instructions and his / her attention skills are limited.

This list is not exhaustive, please do get in touch to discuss any worries you have with your child’s speech and language. Even at a young age it can be really beneficial to attend an appointment with your child where Sarah can demonstrate language stimulation techniques. 

Child Speech Specialists

Rewarding, empathetic, family-centred, and successful, we are committed to ensuring that children facing developmental and learning difficulties are catered to with diligence, in-depth assessments, and a multidisciplinary approach.


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